Saturday, May 17, 2008

HMS Donovan: Part I

I found this wooden ship at Michaels the other day. Upon inspecting it carefully, I decided that I might be able to convert into a wargaming vessel. To be manned by my Royal Marines and sailors, of course.

So I started by removing the sails and deck houses.

Then I sanded the hull down and sawed off the base and main mast. That latter will be re-affixed later a little more forward. And since she's going to be a brig, I'm going to need to find a dowel for the aft mast.

Finally, using a piece of the base....

So my plan to find something to use as deck railing now and build up a quarter deck. For the deck itself, I'm going to do what I've done for my marines and use popsicle sticks that have been cut down and modified. It's a real WIP, and I'm making up much of this as I go along, hehe.

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