Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update on the Donovan

Well, I think my little brigantine is coming along fairly nicely.

I was then able to add some railings. You can't have the men falling into the ocean now, can we?

Here's a shot of Royal Marine company (with a member of the 29th Foot filling in the last spot). They're in progress, but well on the way.

And in the corner you can see my prototype sailor, who happens to be wielding a boarding axe.

The deck space is very cramped, but I still think I can manage to put in four guns: because this is the the HMS Donovan I think it only fitting to name them "John," "Paul," George," and "Richard." I've also recently purchased a launch (lifeboat, I suppose you can call it), wheel, and figurehead. They shall be installed at a later date.

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